Merry Christmas!!!!

This is the story abu the time wen it snowed in raipur...

Since i did not have any embellishments with which i cud've adorned my Christmas tree...i used a sheet of thermacol...shredded it into tiny pieces and then showered it on top of my Christmas tree. And so it appeared as if it had snowed...

N this is the reply to the four thing tag....

4 shows i watch:
~Two n a half men
~How i met your mother
~Burn Notice

4 things i am passionate about:
~My family
~My friends

4 words i use a lot:
~abe jaa na
~ya rite!

4 things i learnt from past:
~actions speak louder than words
~you are wat u make yourself
~you cant keep the whole world happy
~everything is a phase of life

4 places i would like to go:

4 things i did yesterday:
~made a card
~Decorated the Christmas tree
~met a friend...

4 things i am looking forward:
~next semester
~art class
~my friend's wedding

Tag 4 people to play along:
~Satyadarshi kunal
~Garima mitra
~Shruti khanijow
~Pooja Burman Roy

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